Which Nylon shuttle cock is best for Badminton [Recovery time, Flight Pattern, Speed, and Durability Analysis ]



Various tests are performed to analyse the best plastic synthetic shuttle. Few of them are:


1. Recovery time: How fast the shuttle stabilizes after being hit. Results are as follows:

a. Yonex AS50 feather shuttle has the quickest recovery time(the least wobbling after the serve).

b. All other nylon shuttles have longer recovery times(more wobbling), which makes it really hard to control the net shots.

Mavis 2000 and Bird 2 are almost the same. Mavis 500 being slightly less.


2. Shuttle Flight pattern and Speed:

It will be judged if it is faster, slower or has different drop pattern.

Flight pattern tests- For Clears – All the shuttles appear to have similar peak and drop profiles.

Results are as follows:

Shuttle speed test-For Underhand Drives : AS50 feather shuttle flew the farthest. Bird 2 is closest to the AS50, about 1 feet(0.3m) away. Mavis 2000 is about 1- 1.5 feet(0.5m) away. Mavis 500 is about 2 feet(0.6m)  away. This shuttle seemed significantly slower than the rest.

For Smashing: AS30 feather shuttle has the lowest and biggest sound of all 4 shuttles. Mavis 500 has the highest pitched sound and sounded the weakest. Mavis 2000 and Bird 2 has a very similar sound when smashed, somewhere between AS30  and Mavis 500.

3. Durability:

Is checked by using smash and heavy slice drops to check how quickly each shuttle breaks down.

Smash Durability Results:

AS30 feather shuttle has the worst durability.Mavis 500, Mavis 2000 and Bird 2 has very minimal wear. Mavis 500 flight has the least effect by slicing, probably it was much slower than the other 3.

The wear on nylon shuttles makes the recovery time a bit longer, while the wear on feather shuttles makes the flight less stable. This suggests the distribution of weight affects the recovery time more than the actual feathers.

The shuttle with the most stable and consistent flight is still the feather shuttles.

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