How do I play Badminton like Lin Dan? ( 10 tips from the Man himself )

Badminton tips how to play like Lin Dan

Have you ever wondered “How Lin Dan does it”, “How does Lin Dan play so well?” or “Can I play Badminton like Lin Dan?”

It cannot be simply talent but a lot of practice and technique. There must be some secrets for sure ! Don’t you think?

Here are 10 tips and secrets from Lin Dan himself


  1. “Keeping my body in motion before receiving a service makes it easier for me to move quickly. However lifting the feet is a fault! “
  2. “I have a great variation of shots from every single corner of the court. This keeps the opponent guessing.”
  3. “I don’t open up the court and give wide angles for my opponents to exploit. I can intercept many shots in between because of this.”
  4. “I have a strong smash with full body rotation and body weight transfer. Every Singles player should try to learn it.”
  5. “China Jump Smash is very versatile. You can go straight, you can go cross. I find it useful when I don’t have enough time for hitting a full smash.”
  6. “I lose rallies. I lose games. I lose matches. But I will never loose confidence! “
  7. “People say that Lin Dan walks on the court and does not seem to run! This is because I don’t drag my non-racket leg too much.”
  8. “My Mind is always ticking. Counter attacking has always been my style. My forehand counter attack is very good!”
  9. “Anticipation is a big part of my game. I learn my opponents’s shots and tactics within the match itself.”
  10. “My Racket action is very short for lifts, except for the high lift. This gives speed and accuracy to my lifts and less read to my opponents”

Video Demonstration : How to play like Lin Dan?


Now learn how you can play like Lin Dan by watching the video above which compiled by the very popular youtube channel on Badminton Shuttle Flash 




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