backhand smash in badminton – How to play?

How to play backhand smash

The backhand Smash in Badminton

The backhand smash is one of the most difficult shots to play in the game of badminton. Players usually struggle to play this shot correctly. If played properly, there is not much that can be done against a backhand smash.

How to grip the racquet while playing a backhand smash?

Hold your racket in a panhandle grip fashion. Put the thumb at rest on the larger size of the grip surface which helps in generating a large amount of force in the shot. The racket faced surface should be facing towards your face with the palms centered. There should be space between the thumb and index finger. Also, your index finger and the middle finger must have spacing between each other. Do not have all the four fingers closed up.

The backhand smash technique

Your wrist should be faced backwards and forearms should be twisted counter clockwise to generate more spinning force on the shot. The palms should be centered with the web spaced which ensure that you apply a strong lever force and spin force in your backhand. While playing the backhand smash the racket should be fully extended to the maximum angle by the arm and shoulder. The thumb should be facing the larger side and fingers should be tightly gripped together which creates a braking and counter force while playing the shot.

As a badminton player one should keep working on improving your backhand and get more understanding on backhand grip

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