How to hit the badminton shots more cleanly when you are stretching:

It is a challenge to hit clean and crispy badminton shots when you are under pressure. So when you are stretching out, overhead or side wards or in front of you that’s when you are more vulnerable for mishits.

The three helpful hints for clean badminton shots are:

1.Preparing your racket face for the Front court: Racket face is the strings of a racket.

 For this racket should be open at the front. i.e. Open flat to the approaching shuttle at a perpendicular angle to the strings so that the mishits would be avoided at the front court.If the racket is open flat there would be an easier chance for the shuttle to bounce on the strings.

Advantages: This increases your deception, because you are able to hold the shuttle longer. This forces your opponent’s movement to be delayed and not to get any clue on where you are going to hit.

2.Preparing your racket face to the Back court: Here you should add little bit of pause, a split second before we connect with the shuttle.

A pause before the start of the swing would steady the vibrations and the flow of energy. This helps you to target it into the right shot and reduce the number of mishits.

Example: Imagine that you are balancing a glass of water on the edge of your racket. So you need to be steady before you swing so that you do not drop the water .

3. Breathing: Timing your in-breath and out-breath to coordinate with the contact of the shuttle. This helps on defense as timing your out breath or exhale should match with the contact of the shuttle.

So your in breath or inhalation happens when you are moving to the shot and exhale when you are hitting. This helps you calm your muscle and connects you more to the shot. This reduces the mishits.


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