Court Coverage in doubles badminton

court coverage in doubles badminton

Court Coverage in Doubles Badminton

Formation in Doubles Badminton is very important for fast continuous attack. Good formation also helps with defense. It is very  important to understand the fundamentals of court coverage in badminton.

The situations during a doubles rally:

  1. Attacking
  2. Defending.

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Your partner and you should move to form the attacking formation when you manage to force your opponents to produce a high lift.

It requires one player to stand behind the other partner. Don’t stand in the middle of the court. Move a little bit to the smashing side.But not directly in front of your partner.

In the attacking formation, the 2 players will have different roles

  • The player in front (known as the “setter”) is responsible for Securing the net position. The setter will apply pressure from the net area to continue forcing lifts from their opponent.

Intercepting short defenses. If the opponents hit a poor quality lift, the setter   positioned at the front will intercept the lift with a smash.

  • The player at the back (known as the attacker) plays only 1 important role, which is to penetrate their opponent’s defenses by firing powerful shots.

In other words, the attacker covers the back of the court, whereas the setter covers the front of the court in an attacking formation.


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A defensive formation is formed when either of them execute a high lift or high clear.

When defending, you must adopt a side-by-side formation so that you can cover the full width of the doubles court.Always follow the shuttle. Dont stand in the middle of the half-court.In a defensive formation,defending against your opponent’s powerful smashes should be the main objective.


There is an important defensive skill known as the BLOCK DEFENSE. To perform this, retrieve your opponent’s smash by lifting the shuttle high. Send the smash right back to the attacker at the baseline.

Your block defense must fly high and deep into your opponent’s baseline to prevent the setter from intercepting with a half court smash.


Opportunity to move back and  hit those monster smashes.

Don’t try to kill it in the 1st  shot if its not very high.Just tap/net kill.

Once you are tired from smashing, hit a slow drop hit and move forward.



Low center of gravity is the secret for good defense. To achieve this Squats training is needed for this.




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