Badminton Smash tips – How to master the forehand smash?

Badminton Smash

Badminton Smash tips

The smash is a powerful badminton shot played from the rare court down in to the opponent’s mid court. It is the fasted shot in all racquet sports. The speed of a smashed shuttle have been recorded over 200 miles per hour. The “Jump Smash” is the most famous shot in badminton.

The breakdown of a jump Badminton smash

  • Before playing a badminton smash shot position your legs in a sideways stance with the rare foot back and parallel to the back line of the court.
  • The stance should be such that you have a wide space between your legs.
  • Use a relaxed forehand grip with the racquet back and the strings of the racquet facing downwards.
  • Elevate the non-racquet arm to balance and aim at the shuttle.
  • Make yourself position with the shoulders and elbows in a line looking over the non racquet arm.
  • Lower your rare leg muscles to generate power.
  • Drive straight and hit the shuttle first following your body by contacting the shuttle in front of you.
  • Land with a wide stance with your non-racquet foot followed by your racquet foot in quick succession and take your position.

Always be prepared for the opponent to return your smash by getting back to your position after smashing the birdie.

This is an instructional badminton video made by the All England team.

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