Badminton Racket Weight Differences


Importance of Badminton Racket Weight:

Badminton Racket weight plays a very important role.Here we attempt to explain the basic weight differences between string and grips. And also between advertised weight and actual usable weight.

A Badminton Racket that is designed just for training will be heavy and hard to move around. Whereas a standard racket will feel like a feather in your hand.

Training racket builds muscles in your forearms and causes strain to elbows and shoulders as it would be heavier.
With heavier racket you would be more exhausted than in a lighter racket.

It is very important to define the Racket Weight in uniform standards. This can be with either Standard manufacturing grip and standard manufacturing string which would be more useful for end-user.Or At least specify the advertised weight.

  • 0.61 mil gauge yonex string is supposedly the thinnest in the world and hence assuming lightest or amongst the lightest in the world.This came around 3.7 grams.
  • 0.7 mil gauge yonex string came upto 4.6 grams.

The grip was a major difference for the overall weight of the racket. And would also affect the balance of racket. So if a bigger grip is added at the end, the balance of the racket changes and so does the playability of the racket. It doesn’t  change the stiffness of the shaft.

Its better if manufacturers list the true weight/flex so that it would be easier for customers to buy it.So the racket specifications should all be based on the same things, for example the weight being without grip & strings(since many people will end up replacing them). So that the total listed weight of the racket is ONLY the racket itself without any of the replaceable parts. Either that or what you guys are doing with the racket’s weight being with grip and (same)strings.

Badminton Racket Weight Differences Chart: 

The below table represents different weight categories and range in grams.

Unit Weight
2U 90gms & above
3U 85gms – 89.9gms
4U 80gms – 84.9gms
5U 75gms – 80gms

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