Badminton Footwork Tips-Forehand and Backhand Footwork


Badminton Footwork is the foundation to being a great Badminton Player.If you are not moving efficiently on the court then you cant challenge your opponent on the other side of the net.Having good footwork will improve your stamina, shot execution, and shot selection.

Types of Badminton Footwork

1.Footwork to the Front:

For the shots that are played in the front, a small step first is followed by a bigger step .This bigger step performed is known as a lunge.

  • Due to the lunging motion you’ll use when returning shots at the net, your footwork going forward will mostly consist of staying low while shuffling. The last step you take before you strike the shuttlecock should be a lunge in which you step out with your dominant foot so you can reach farther with your racket.

2.Footwork to the Back:

This technique will be used for any movement toward the back of the court. You will be shuffling in a direction that is away from the net with your head facing forward:

  • As you move back, keep your arms up with your elbows bent to form a 90-degree angle. Your racket should be on the side closest to the baseline.
  • With your dominant side closest to the baseline, shuffle your feet back until you reach the shuttlecock.
  • Before you strike the shuttlecock, check to see that your weak foot is forward, closer to the net, with your dominant foot back. Your weight should be shifted to the dominant foot, which is the foot on the same side of your body as the racket.
  • After you swing, your dominant foot should come forward as you plant your weak foot on the floor.
  • With that planted foot you should push off to return to your base point. Make sure you are shuffling when you move forward.

Footwork used for backhand shots will require a slightly different technique than your forehand baseline shots. Essentially you will shuffle your feet normally until just before you take your last step.

Badminton shots for Beginners

Guide to Badminton Footwork

Shuffling Footwork:

  • Shuffling is basically skipping sideways to either your right or left. This also applies to skipping backwards in which you rotate your body perpendicular to the net and shuffle in a similar fashion. Your legs should be square with your body and move side-to-side.
  • Regardless of the direction you are moving, your head should always be facing the net. This shuffling motion will serve as the foundation for all of your footwork except when you’re moving toward the net.

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