Badminton Drills to improve smash and clears

Check out this great badminton drill to improve smashes and clears which are very necessary badminton shots and need a lot of practice. The drill involves 2 players in the badminton court.

The Drills

Drill 1

  1. Player 1 feeds player 2 with clears in the rear court.
  2. Player 2 smashes the shuttle into player 1’s forecourt. Player 2 needs to be ready for the shuttle as soon as they have hit their next clear.
  3. Player 1 will return the smashes back to the backhand or forehand to the center-rear court of Player1
  4. Swap roles after every 15 smashes

Drill 2 – The Game!

Once you are done with the feeding drill, you can play a game!

  1. The player 1 feeds player 2 with a high serve and moves to the center of the court. A little behind the badminton service line.
  2. Player 2 tries to hit a winner smash – an un-returnable smash.
  3. If player 1 is able to return the shuttle to the singles court of player 2 he scores a point. Otherwise, player 2 scores a point.
  4. Alternate service after each point.
  5. Player reaching first 10 points wins!

Here is a demonstration video by Sikana English


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