How to align your stance while serving and receiving [Demo by Dave Zarco from USA Badminton]

how to align stance while serving in badminton

In this demo you will learn how to do the serve and receiving stances as well as also the short doubles serve.

When receiving, put your non racket foot forward flat on the floor and lean forward so your head is in front of your foot.

This will force your heel off your back leg. When you stand like this, just put your racket in front of you. For the serving stance, either stand with both feet together spread shoulder width apart or you can stand with racket foot forward.

When serving doubles, use a short backhand serve. Hold your shuttle with the back feather and line up your racket. Look at where you’re serving, not at the shuttle. Use a backhand grip with your thumb flat against the face of the racket. Pivot on your elbow and when you bring it forward, let go of the shuttle.

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