Yonex Voltric 50 E-tune Badminton Racquet [Must Read this before buying]

yonex voltric 50 3 tune

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About Yonex Voltric 50 E-tune Badminton Racquet

Before you go ahead and buy a badminton racket, you should probably know about it so you are sure it would suit your style of play. This guide should help you with all everything you need to know about the Voltric 50 E-tune badminton racket from Yonex. Don’t forget to read the post till the end before deciding on your next badminton racket.

The Yonex Voltric 50 E-tune is an Offensive, hard-hitting model which is equipped with the most effective E-tune system. It uses this revolutionary technology enabling players to customize the level of by power by distributing weight to where they want . The Voltric 50 E-tune offers Sound Filter to significantly reduce vibrations, as well as high pitched and dull sound waves. This is a head heavy badminton racket balanced with an isometric shape boosting the Tri-Voltage System to give you even more speed. This would ensure hard and powerful heavy smashes.The Voltric 50 E-tune also features the latest Boost Cap that maximizes shaft’s bending without losing stability. A full length cover is included for racket’s protection.

Combining incredible power and fast racquet handling for the first time, Voltric 50 E-tune  is the perfect racquet for players seeking exceptional ‘all-round’ performance.For the first time, VOLTRIC’s exclusive TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM achieves the combination of heavy smashes and speedy racquet handling as claimed by Yonex.

A review of the Voltric 50 E-tune Badminton Racket by Aneel Sports

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Yonex Voltric 50 E-tune Badminton Racquet Specs

(source: Yonex)


Type: Offensive, hard-hitting model equipped with the E-tune system

Flex: Stiff

Frame: H.M. Graphite/Sound Filter/Tungsten

Shaft: H.M. Graphite

Weight/ Grip Size: 

There are two variations of the Voltric 50 E-tune racket based on weight and grip size

4U (Average weight: 83g) G4,5

3U (Average weight: 88g) G4,5

Stringing Advice:

for 4U, recommended tension is 19-26 lbs

for 3U, recommended tension is 20-27 lbs

Color: Dark Gun

Now we are clear with the specs, we can move to the more interesting part i.e. the technologies used in this badminton racket.

Technologies used in the Yonex Voltric 50 E-tune Badminton Racquet

(source: Yonex)

1: Tri-Voltage System

Tri-Voltage System

Traditionally, extra weight at the top of the racquet frame has increased hitting power but reduced the speed of racquet handling. In contrast, a lighter top to the frame increases speed but causes a loss of hitting power.TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM_2Voltric 50 E-tune

For the first time, the new TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM successfully combines the contrasting characteristics of exceptional power and great handling. YONEX has developed a racquet which achieves the combination of heavy smashes and speedy racquet handling.

TRI-VOLTAGE SYSTEM_Voltric 50 E-tune

Voltric is Power: The stiff racquet structure at the top of the frame allows the head to bend in a very controlled way and hold shuttles on the string bed for longer. The thin frame sides then allow the frame to flex more and transfer more energy to the shuttle. This combination allows you to smash with instant power.

Voltric is Agility: In VOLTRIC, the weight is balanced on the top of the frame and at the joint area which allows good handling while also maintaining power. The thin sides of the frame and at the top of the head reduce air resistance and improve the handling even further. Players can now make a full swing even during short range rallies as VOLTRIC responds instantly to even subtle movements.


2. Sound Filters

Voltric is Strong Sounding

Sound Filter Voltric 50 E-tune


Another innovative YONEX technology, Sound Filter uses new materials at the two and ten o’clock positions to reduce only high pitched and dull soundwaves. This produces a louder and sharper sound on impact to unsettle opponents, and provides a more aggressive tone to your game for a relentlessly attacking style of play. Sound Filter also reduces uncomfortable sensation from the racquet by rapidly eliminating 31% of vibrations.



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3. E-Tune technology

Voltric 50 E-tune tech


Yonex Voltric 50 E-tune


Voltric 50 E-tune

4. Isomtric Frame

Isometric voltric e-tune



The square-shaped ISOMETRIC frame shape is designed to keep vertical strings at a similar length, as well as the horizontal strings to produce an expanded sweet spot in all directions.


5. New Grommet Pattern

New Grommet Pattern 2017 etune 50

The single-pass grommet hole construction provides more grommet holes for a more high-performance stringing pattern.




6. Aero + Box Frame

Combines solid hitting feel and quick swing.






Built-in T-Joint voltric e tune 50


7. Built in T joint

Moulded deep into the layers of graphite where the frame connects with the shaft, the YONEX Built-in T-Joint creates a durable and high-strength one-piece frame that is torque-free.







Power Boost Cap for voltric 50 e tune series

8. Power Boost Cap

The POWER BOOST CAP combines hard and soft materials to maximize the shaft’s bending power without losing stability.



Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about the Yonex Voltric 50 E-tune badminton racket

Question 1: Is this racket better than Arcsaber tour 33?

Answer: It really depend on your Depends on your playing style. Yonex Vt 50 e tune is head heavy and the Yonex Arcsaber 33 tour is even balance. Both are good rackets in their own way. In my opinion, voltric series rackets suit power based singles play whereas Arcsaber series suits doubles more than singles. If you play singles only, go for Vt50et, else go for Yonex Arcsb 33t.

Question 2: will the racquet be strung or will i have to string it?

Answer: The racket will be strung with the basic Yonex strings and tension will be less. It is recommended to string the badminton racket based on your preference.

Question 3: Is this better than voltric 8 e tune

Answer: It is surely better. Voltric 50 e-tune has sound filter which reduces vibration and sounds louder and crispier. It also has power boost cap. Voltric 8 etune has none of these.

Question 4: Where can I buy the Yonex Voltric 50 E-tune badminton racket online original at good price?

Answer: You can easily buy it on amazon India or if you are from the United States or any other country you can buy it on Amazon.com

Pros and Cons based on reviews and feedback from users of the voltric 50 etune


  1. I can safely say it is a brilliant singles racquet. Power smashes are easy on this. If you are a beginner or intermediate level player who is more of a doubles player then look for ArcSaber or Nanoray series.
  2. Go for this racket best for both smashing and defence! Gives u great accuracy.
  3. Baseline clears are very effective.
  4. Good Quality and Nice look with one of the best features and latest technologies in its price range.
  5. For normal build player – it would be ideal for Singles and bit tough for doubles usage. For heavier build players would be good for both play. Good in smashing and drops.


  1. Net control is slightly tough initially , but will improve on practice.
  2. Takes a toll on wrist after long play. can be stressing for fast paced doubles. Great for singles.
  3. The racquet appears to be a bit heavy(due to head heaviness) in front.

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