New Powerful wireless intelligent badminton tracker from Flink

Flink Badminton Tracker

New Powerful wireless intelligent badminton tracker from Flink

Have you ever thought about using a badminton tracker to analyse your game? Lets take a look at what a badminton tracker is and how it can be used to improve your badminton skills.

wireless intelligent badminton tracker from Flink provides you your very own virtual coach and smart tracker to track and analyse your game on the court giving you personalized data to improve and conquer the game.

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Features of the advanced badminton tracker from Flink:

  • A very powerful and high performance wide-range 6-axis sensor which tracks your racket swings and speed with high accuracy and preciseness.
  • It has an internal flash memory which allows you store data for up-to 3000 swings.
  • It also has a built-in rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery. The battery takes only 90 minutes for a full charge.
  • The Weight of this badminton tracker is only 8 grams and so it feels very light when attached to the racquet.
  • The stylish silicone holder compliments your racquet and safely binds the device underneath the handle.
  • This badminton tracker supports Both Android and iOS phones. Syncs instantly once connected to app via Bluetooth and transfers swiftly.
  • It comes with a Purchase protection with 6 months manufacturer warranty
  • Wake-on-motion technology helps to keep the power low and automatically starts capturing your swings as you begin to play.
  • Flink badminton tracker even tracks your calories burnt, play time and helps you figure out your fit zone.

Your badminton skills do not just get better by playing everyday. You have to read and analyse the game. You have to play it right. You have to know where you are lagging and what to improve at. You need a revolution. Flink badminton tracker is here to revolutionize your badminton learning experience for you. It is your best coach.

More about Flink Badminton Tracker

Now you can view your game every day, to know your strengths and weakness. This advanced badminton tracker provides detailed insights on your swings to help you analyse and understand your playing pattern. It’s time to step up and try out more Smashes and Drives. A badminton tracker can help you understand how you play which further determines how you reach your goals. You can practice your swings with Flink tracker and get immediate feedback on the supported app. Playing the shots right, helps you achieve your goal. Ultimately, fitness is about being better than you used to be and this product helps you achieve just that.

How to set up

App connect features :

Daily Snapshots

A snapshot of your recent gameplay where flink algorithms calculates the nature of your gameplay and record shots from your game.

Detailed Synopsis

A wholesome outlook of what transpired in your badminton journey from the time you started with Flink with rich data points to improve your game.

Real Time analysis

The Live View feature is a game changer helping you analyze your practice shot by shot as you train more.

Track all the swings made in your game with precision. Use the live swing feature to check if your swing is technically correct and tone your game day by day making each swing a weapon in your arsenal.

Check average and max speeds of all the swings made in your game. Real-time speed tracking helps you check the speed as you hit it to help you practice faster swings, be it a smash, clear or drive.

Flink goes one step further than average fitness tracker by using accelerometer and gyroscope measuring every move of your feet and racquet, thus contributing to more accurate calorie burn data. Increase your burn rate with precise data thus improving stamina and health.

Flink app helps you reach your goals by sending timely notifications and helps you track milestones to enhance overall performance. Tailored charts and graphs help you understand your progress technically.

Customer Reviews of the Flink Badminton Tracker

Swing and Flink will do the talking.

on 16 July 2017

Awesome product. Came across this item in an AD in Facebook.

I was apprehensive about shelling out 3500 bucks for a badminton sensor. However, it didn’t disappoint. 1 day of use and here goes my review.

The main body is quite slim and fits perfectly on the end of the racquet shaft. In my opinion the silicone holder is better than the adhesive holder. The silicone holder cups the Flink tightly with the shaft and in turn protects it from crashes. The ruggedness of Flink is yet to be tested. ( I don’t want to deliberately do a crash test though 🙂 ).


Coming to the effect of Flink on the grip/ hold of the shaft.

It sits nicely at the end of the shaft and the silicone holder in no way hinders the hand grip. It just fits perfectly and while playing you won’t even feel that something extra is there on the shaft. As Flink is very light weight, it doesn’t add up to the racquet weight.


Functionality :

The body connects to the app quite quickly. The app is quite simple and not at all convoluted. Very minimal screens and not clotted with irrelevant information. The app also has a live view which shows the live swing details of the racquet.

Gave an empty hard swing to the racquet and the live view quite perfectly showed the swing details. It also categorizes the swing as drop, smash, clear, etc which is quite informative.

Flink perfectly recorded two hours of my game information. On syncing it with the app it displayed the swing information of the last two hours. So you don’t have to worry about Bluetooth connectivity while playing.




The app screens are quite few. The numbers shown even though informative and helpful but makes you keep wanting for more. Some more analytics into the app would be great. Currently it shows the swing details of the day and the average swing details. Lot can be improved in the app front. I’m not aware whether the app syncs and saves my swing information into my Google account. That would be helpful. Give the user an option to sign out and login using another account so that someone else can try it out and sync their data.




Overall, satisfied with the item. Happy for shelling out 3500 for this. The Spelmera team were quite helpful and made sure the item got delivered. The item was couriered through DTDC so be rest assured that it will get delivered on time.

Thanks a lot team for the awesome product, and also for your assistance. Keep it up.
Keep smashing and swinging.


Awesome product

By Amazon Customer on 19 August 2017

Fast delivery
Excellent service
The power of your smash makes you more excited and feels to break your own records
U get Daily reports
Best product to enhance your game performance
Fits in bat proper
Does not feel any extra weight as it is so lightweight.


Good Product

By akshay m on 24 June 2017

Classifies and shows the number of shots you played. Shows the speed for different shot types. Good for assessing overall performance.
Possible improvements desired:
1. Support match-wise analysis.
2. Show the longest rally and the details of shots played during the rally.
3. Show the shortest rally and the corresponding shots.

A must have

By Smash Badminton Academy, Bangalore

A must have for badminton freaks! The device is very useful for all types of players from beginner to advanced, recreational to professional.

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