Badminton court near me FAQ

      How do I use the Badminton court locator to find badminton court near me?

      The “Badminton court near me” court locator may ask for your permission to access your geo location in order to give you more accurate and relevant results based on your location. If you allow grant this permission, you should automatically be able to see any badminton courts near you on the map. 

      You can click on the badminton court marker on the map (marked in red) to get more information about the badminton court or directions to the court. You can also select your court from the search results.

      If you do not want to grant permission for accessing your geo location, or you need to find courts in any other location near yours, feel free to manually enter your location , choose a search radius and search for all listed badminton courts.


      How do I add a Badminton court?

      To list a badminton court, you will need to sign up or login into badminton court near me. Don’t Worry! it is just a click away if you have an existing google or Facebook account.

      However if you do not want to use Facebook or google to login, you can still use the legacy email signup and login once you have verified your email. Just click on the user icon in the top menu bar and you should see a Register with email option.
      Once you have signed in, you can click on List a badminton court -> “Add new badminton court” and fill in the required information for your badminton court. Make sure to enter correct address and preview the map before publishing your listed badminton court. Please be sure to enter relevant information for your badminton courts. Any Badminton court which is not valid or having incorrect information may be reported and deleted.

      Is the Badminton court listing service free?

      The badminton court listing service is solely aimed at helping badminton players find nearby badminton courts. This service is absolutely free for both members and non-members. 


      I cannot see any badminton courts near me on the map. What should i do?

      If you cannot see any badminton courts near you in the map, then it may be so because of the following reasons:

      1. There is no court listed in your area by any member. 
      2. You may not have entered a valid location in the map.

      You can be the first to list a court in your area. Go to list badminton court from the menu to add a badminton court.

      Add a Badminton court