Finding a hobby that helps you work out is a double strike at having fun while keeping healthy. Badminton is one popular game, played on a court with racquets and a shuttlecock. The game can be played by two opponent players, called singles or four players, two each side called doubles. The badminton court dimensions are standard according to the BWF laws, a rectangularshapemeasuring13.40 meters (44 ft) and 6.10 meters in width (20 ft). For singles, it scales down to a second inner line whose width measures 5.18 meters (17ft).


The game was developed in Indian and later popularized by the Britishin the 1870s as ball badminton who had come from to was initially called the game of battledore and shuttlecock before the name was changed badminton. The origin of the names is however not clear. In 1860, a London based toy dealer published a book, badminton battledore-a new game and from reviews and opinions made the name stick.Regulations and laws came later to try standardizing the gameplay and organizing tournament where participants would compete.

The International Badminton Federationwas formed by a group of countries in 1934 but later was changed to Badminton World Federation (BWF). It governs the international badminton game.The game debut in the summer Olympicsin 1992 at Barcelona. They conduct competitions and BWF World Championship being the highest ranked. It ranks the top 64 players the entire world. Also, You can check Badminton Lab for more guide & reviews.

Badminton court dimensions

A badminton court dimensions can be marked for singles only, but if possible, it is advised to mark it for doubles. The court has other markings such as the:

  • Net post and net- positioned at mid-length of the rectangle length, it divides the court into two, which is 6.20m (44ft). The net is 1.55 meters (5ft1inch)high and putting it into consideration the sagging, it ca measure 1.524metere or 5ft at the centre.
  • Short service line- this is a line 1.98 meters (6 ft. 6inch) from the net and parallel to the net.
  • Long service line for doubles- marked 0.76 meters(2ft6inc) from the back boundary
  • Centreline- a line that divides the one side of the court into thehalf. The line makes a perpendicular from the short service line to the boundary line. This divides the court into the left and the right service court.
  • Sideline for single and doubles- a singles court is small in width, a line is drawn at 5.81 meters while the doubles use the full width of the court, 6.2 meters.
  • Back boundary line- this is the end line of the court.

Game rules

The game has several basic rules and terminologies to remember while playing. Here is some of the simple rule for the starters:

  • Servings- each gameplay starts with one player playing the ball into the opponents’ court. The shuttlecock just like atennis ball, the severing player stands on the left side of the court if their score is odd and on the right, if their score is even. For the doubles, serving in done in an alternating manner between the pair.
  • The scoring-each game is played and the winner is out of three sets of 21 points each. Each time there is a serving, a point is one but one player.During play where the opponents are 20-all, the first one to gain 2-point lead wins the game. If the play is at 29-all, the opponent who reaches 30 points first wins the game.
  • A let – A rally is stopped and replayed if there external interruption such as foreign things into the court. No point is awarded to either side.


Gearing up

There is a proper way to gear up before you can walk into the playing court. The basics are having a racquet and a shuttlecock. The racquet should have properly tensioned strings and have a firm grip that is dependent on the individual. Thedress code should be comfortable, a short and a t-shirt or a wrapper skirt for the women. The footwear should be a flat sole, light shoe, which lowers you are your centre of gravity and can allow lateral motion and support to avoid spraining of ankles.




Away from the basic of the court dimensions, we now can have a go at playing basic badminton. How good you get is entirely dependent onanindividual’s interest and training. The game involves a ton of aerobic training to get in shape and skills sharpening to get better. Therefore, it is a good hobby to pass time and stay fit, as I had mentioned earlier.


Tactics and techniques


Coaching can play a great role in making a player be better prepared both mentally and physically. Skills are well taught by a professional coach who has had either experience or training too. They give your proper means of handling the racquetand techniques of striking the shuttlecock, the backhand and the forehand. This techniques and wit matter when it comes to beating your opponents on the court apart from the physicality needed.


Significance of coaching


Although you get well as you play more, seeking help from a coach person is mandatory. The coach also helps you train better through progressive result oriented training that is bound to bear fruits in the long end. Training for the sakes of it sometimes leaves out the important aspects of the game because it does not help you realise your weaknesseson which you need work on them.

One of the renowned international badminton coaches is Paul Stewart who has packs a great experience. He also offers to coachboth online and in person. He teaches coaching tactics to fellow coaches, help players plan on winning strategies, give hints and tips on the best equipment you can have and write reviews too of badminton products.


The game is both open to those looking to pursue the sport as either a career or a hobby. All it needs it your commitment to the course and hard work it pays. Meet you on the court.

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