About Badminton Court Near Me

Hi Badminton Players and Fans, Welcome to our Badminton Hub.
Badminton Court Near Me aims to allow badminton players to find and list badminton courts near them.

Badminton Court Locator

This website has a Court locator feature which can be either used by the badminton players/ enthusiasts or badminton court managers to find or list the courts and load directions in the website.

List Badminton Court

To list a badminton court, you will need to sign up or login into badminton court near me. Don’t Worry! it is just a click away if you have an existing google or Facebook account.

However if you do not want to use Facebook or google to login, you can still use the legacy email signup and login once you have verified your email. Just click on the user icon in the top menu bar and you should see a Register with email option.

Badminton court near me features

Badminton court near me not only helps you find and list badminton courts but it is also a hub for badminton enthusiasts to browse and publish content related to badminton only. It also features a Badminton Shop for badminton enthusiasts to browse through some quality badminton products.

Badminton Shop

The Badminton court near me shop is a huge repository of Badminton specific products like Badminton Rackets, Badminton Grips, Badminton Kitbags, badminton shuttle cocks, Badminton strings and more. Feel free to check it out! 


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Badminton Blog

The Badminton court near me blog is hub for badminton players, fans and enthusiasts to browse and publish badminton related content.
To create a post, you need to register with us first in order to avoid spam. This is a 1 second process if you already have a Facebook or google account. However, You can also use legacy register with email option. Just click on the user in the top right menu and you should be good to go.

You can browse and create posts under the following categories:

Badminton Videos

In the Badminton video section you can either upload your own badminton videos using the add media option in the post editor or you can embed videos from youtube or other similar video sharing softwares


Badminton Tips

The Badminton Tips Section aims to help Badminton players improve their game and take it to the next level.


Badminton News

This category should include news posts limited to badminton only. To ensure your post to appear in the Badminton news section, you should select your category as badminton news before you publish your post.

Note: Irrelevant news posts will automatically be deleted by the admin.

Badminton Products

The product category may include posts and advertisements of badminton related products including badminton shoes, shuttles, grips, strings, racquets, nets etc. You are free to post genuine reviews of products used by you. You can also embed youtube videos in your product reviews.
Note: Irrelevant posts will automatically be deleted. These include:  
  • posts not related to badminton.
  • posts which are offensive to any person, religion or community.
  • posts which are not present in relevant categories. You may choose multiple categories for your post if you feel the post is related to both the categories. However, you will have to select a primary category.
  • uncategorized posts to which category is not added within 1 week of publishing. By default your post will be “uncategorized”.